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The little world view is really neat. Here's my attempt at playing-found all 5 stars and burned all the trees. Win!

There's probably some obvious stuff, but some general ideas:

  • Having some little critters walk around and birds flying
  • Add a guy in a boat fishing
  • Need something to collect them stars, maybe a flying saucer since you're in space?
Putting in your itch tag was really good. I can't believe i never thought about doing that in any of the stuff i've done. D'oh!

Hey Idvr I'd like another tester for a game I'm going to start making soon would you be up for it? (HTC Vive game made with Unity I'll tell you more about it in direct/private messages if you say yes)


You bet, wouldn't be a problem at all. Depending on what all you're looking for, there's also a VR testing community on reddit.

Can message me there or here. I'm viveaddict on reddit.